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Maternity Life Coach

Benita McNealy is the biological mother of three but a mother to many. As a Certified Life Coach, she has shared her gift of communicating with people of all walks of life including working with many well-known industry artists. This title has afforded her the opportunity to travel to throughout the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Guadalupe, and Belize.


Her humanitarian efforts include but are not limited to CEO of Full Circle Consultant/ Counseling Group, Founder of the G.I.R.L.I. Enrichment Experience, Co-Founder of the Hasib K. McNealy Jr. “As Cute As A Button” Foundation and an active Mentor to Young Girls Abroad. In addition, Benita is a Board Member on the New York Presbyterian Family Advisory Board.


Whether you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or have delivered and need additional support Benita can help you on your journey.


To book an initial free consultation with Benita, call or email Blair & Bloom today!

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