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Comprehensive Childbirth

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Designed to increase your confidence and knowledge about childbirth this class will provide a comprehensive review of the labor process, nutrition, coping mechanisms, medicated and nonmedicated birthing options, key terms, what you will need to bring to the hospital and the immediate postpartum period. After completing this class you will be prepared to make informed decisions and be actively involved in your delivery.

3-4 Hours


Newborn Care and Home Prep


This class will go over all the basics of newborn care from swaddling, bottle feeding, preparing a bottle, burping, dressing, diapering to giving your baby a bath. Together we will review your Baby Registry and home so that the best purchases will be made for your baby and you are fully prepared at the hospital and at home.


2 Hours





There is no doubt that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby unfortunately, this does not mean it is easy! Whether you decide to exclusively nurse, pump or a combination of both we will discuss breastfeeding positions, nutrition, and hands-on tips and tricks that will increase your confidence and chances for a more successful breastfeeding experience.

2 Hours


Infant Safety and CPR


The best way to address an emergency is to know what to do in the event one occurs unexpectedly. Common safety issues such as choking, car seat safety, burns, drowning, and other emergencies will be discussed. This class includes 2 participants. 

To ensure everyone's safety the price includes your own CPR doll and kit. 

2 Hours


The Prepared Partner

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Have a partner who needs their own private crash course? Then this class will cover how they can support you during your pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period while mastering breastfeeding and newborn care basics.

1-2 Hours


Virtual Classes

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Take our classes from the comfort of your home.


Currently, all of our classes are online. 

Please contact us regarding a in-person class request. For all in-person classes a travel fee of $150 will be added upon booking, 

Click below on "Book a Class" for more information!


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